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wtorek, 20 września 2016

Ibiza-Feel, natural beauty and spiritual side of Island

This time I am discovering the True Ibiza, visiting many places, that I didn't know they can exist. Here is true Paradise!

With a friend pro movie maker - Kamil we make a promotional movie about Ibiza for the project that is going to be launched next year: Ibiza-Feel.

I hope you enjoy video and pictures. Here are more pictures of Kamil:

See different aspects of Ibiza. Starting from luxury lifestyle through traditional side and local people and of course the Hippy Ibiza!

Marina Magna - Ibiza

Figueretas view - Ibiza

Ibiza Amante - perfect place for Weddings 

North of Island - Portinax

Near Destino Resort

Traditional Finca 

Traditional handicrafts 

Retired famous DJ Lipi from Holland - resident of Ibiza

Hippy Ibiza - Classic!

Hippy Ibiza - sacred fruit gardens 

niedziela, 24 lipca 2016

Unique retreat in Acroyoga, Yoga, Thai Massage, Contact Improv and Movement Explorations set in Ibiza

Ibiza is the ultimate place for luxury holiday, to eat well and to party, but recently is becoming a heaven for welbeing seekers. The island is now considered the perfect destination for rest, relaxation and fitness.

We are very glad to invite you to unique retreat - one week of classes and workshops in Acroyoga, Yoga, Contact Improv, Thai Massage and Movement Explorations set in Ibiza's beautiful nature. 

Movie about Ibiza

Not only is this Retreat taken place in Ibiza but all of the teachers, facilitators, performers and musicians are based here on the island and inspired by it's lifestyle which gives this retreat a unique feel of Ibiza's essence.

Highlights of this retreat

- Location: Beautiful traditional Finca Ibizenca surrounded by amazing nature
- 6 nights of accomodation and delicious vegetarian meals
- Morning meditations and Yoga or Somatic Explorations
- Connecting with the Earth element through  Thai massage & Contact Improvisation
- Cultivating the inner Fire with Ecstatic Dance and Kirtan
- Feeling the Air element through Acroyoga 
- Meeting Water element during our trip to the beach
- Passionate and experienced teachers
- Time to Jam, play and dance!

What is Acroyoga?

Yoga, Acroyoga, Thai Massage

Yoga Morning Practice helps us see where we are at in ourselves and connects us to our own healing journey, supporting our wellbeing and our spiritual path. Each day will offer a unique Yoga class best suited for the days practice.

Acroyoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. A practice that goes beyond the technique and cultivates trust, playfulness, and community. Classes will be accessible for everyone, as we will design the classes based on everyone's level so from the most beginner to advanced practitioner will be able to learn and meet their edge in a fun and playful space.

Thai Massage also know as 'ancient healing touch' is more then just a massage, it is a dance between giver and receiver, connecting to loving kindness, working on the many layers of the body through the energy lines and your own presence. We will be sharing with you the essence of the practice, the principles as well as a variety of techniques that will support you in your sensitivity, healing touch and your own unique dance of giving Thai Massage. We will also be taking you through therapeutic flying wonderland and exploring the many ways you can lengthen, twist, stretch and massage someone flying.

Contact Improvisation & Movement Explorations

Guiding you to awaken the desire to explore new possibilities of movement. To play and create. To dance and listen.
In Contact Improvisation we connect to ourselves, diving into a vast universe of sensations, physicality and emotions. Inviting patience and giving permission for the unknown to lead the way. From this space you start to learn how to relate with the external environment and others by communicating through the body with touch, shared weight, invitation …. improvisation and play. Our bodies form a dialogue that arises from the moment, cultivating deep listening, greater sensitivity, letting go of tensions and trusting our authentic movement to let unfold the dance with the other.
In these workshops I will be introducing the general aspects of physical and emotional benefits of Contact Improvisation and inviting you to explore effortless ways of movement and its efficiency through spirals and the organic quality of water. 
Somatic Explorations. During these morning sessions Zara Rutherford will be sharing a variety of movement exploration. Expanding perception and awareness through different exercises with breath,  partner exploration and in nature with the elements.

TheoneDance. Iryna will be sharing her form she has created of somatic explorations called The One Dance. it is a method that explores the meeting between MINDFULNESS and MOVEMENT. We focus our attention in specific places, we play with it, we make it to move and finally we dance it 
Through this method we refine our listening, opening it wider to understand our own natural and personal movement. During the exploration we take very specific themes, (like gravity, weight,etc) to help us to dive deeper into our experience. THEONEDANCE explores the state of being that arises when you give space to your body to express its needs and you just follow it.

Ecstatic Chakra Dance. At these sessions we invite you to move into ecstasy in a safe, judgment-free environment where you can be and dance who you really are. Ecstasy Chakra Dance  is about
being creative, feeling good and putting some balance back into your life. For these means
all that you need do is relax, surrender into the rhythms, and let your body's wisdom
guide your movements. In other words, trust and release your grip on the steering wheel.
You’re dancing for your Self and no one else...JUST LET GO YOUR MIND AND…DANCE!
It is a unique, joy-filled dance system that fuses the best of the Shamanic traditions with modern conscious dance techniques and a unique selection of acoustic and electronic music from Ibiza-based artists.   Facilitated by Shankara, consists of a guided journey of self-exploration, based on movement and sound, into altered states of mind (Trance). It opens ourselves up to higher levels of consciousness through meditation, breath, dance, energy, body-soul work and personal & interpersonal practices.

Kirtan and Sound Healing Journey

Kirtan. Sharing our hearts through our voices we gather in a circle,  everyone contributing to celebrate through sacred sounds and music our connection with the universe and our connection to our essence.  Through guided kirtan we will light the inner fire of our hearts to the present moment.

Sound Healing Journey. We use this term because you are really “bathed” in the vibrations of the sound; participants lie on the floor or in a comfortable position, and just take in the sound and the benefits of Sound therapy. The frequencies of the harp, hang drum and singing bowls, all instruments created with high harmonized qualities, take the listener on a musical journey. Each person experiences their unique sensation: for some it is like a concert, for others it is meditative and deeply relaxing, and for others it is a healing experience. Generally, the feeling with harmonic vibrations is like being immersed in waves of peace, heightened awareness and relaxation of the mind, body, and spirit. Time is suspended as you enter a world of vibration. Physical injuries can be healed and old emotional traumas released. Great insights can be accessed. You feel truly, vibrantly alive. 

On the magical island of Ibiza between a turtle mountain and dragon’s hills is nested a finca ibizenca. It has been remodeled into a retreat center by a very authentic and inspiring man and his family that give this place a touch of magic. Surrounded by Ibiza's nature of Pine trees, farm land
hills and the Mediterranean sea with relatively close access to the beach and walks to surrounding hills and campo (countryside). At the center we will be enjoying a wooden deck for the activities with a large fish pond next to it and there are many refreshing chill out areas.
Accommodation options include a wide range of sleeping options- first ones registered get first choice- from a tipi (shared with 4 people), a van, a suit (for a couple), or any of the 5 charming reformed rooms that are shared between two people. 
The meals will be vegetarian with local ingredients provided on the shaded terrace  under a carob tree.
 Maximum capacity of 18 people so will be an intimate retreat and their will also be Ibiza residents coming to join in on the classes and workshops.

Retreat Schedule 


piątek, 22 lipca 2016

Yoga and Pilates workshops on the Ibiza island

Yoga and Pilates on the magic Ibiza –perfect harmony of body, mind and spirit

Amazing nature, beautiful beaches together with island’s energy will make you reborn.

This is a very special retreat on the mystical island of ibiza. Ibiza is said to be the third most magnetic point in the world (after the north and south pole),  and therefore is a very sacred island where strong healing energies take place.

Our focus during this retreat is mindfully strengthening the body threw Yoga and Pilates, and creating a deep inner connection with daily meditation practice . Your package includes a complete wellness consultation done by our acupuncturist followed by acupuncture Therapy sessions to release energy blockages according to your needs, which will be assessed by the practitioner. Massages and Reiki therapy are available upon request.

Healthy nutrition plays an important part to your detoxifying process during your wellness retreat. Private Chef will be offering delicious organic vegetarian dishes threw out the whole week as well as organic cold pressed juices and smoothies. Healthy organic snacks will be available during the day.

We have a lovely team of professionals to help and guide you during your journey with us. Your wellbeing and comfort is our main focus.

                       Film presenting:


Sunday: Airport pick up , settling into your room, welcome Dinner.

Monday until Thursday:

7.30-8.00 meditation - Pranayama Breath

8.00-8.30 organic cold pressed Juice- Tea

8.30-10.00 Yoga Practice

10.00-11.00 Breakfast and smoothies

11.00-13.00 Treatments, Acupuncture Therapy, Reiki, Massage

13.00 Lunch

17.30-18.30 Pilates

19.00 Dinner

20.00-21.00 Relaxing Sound bath and crystal meditation

23.00 Lights out

Friday: Check out, Airport drop off

*Schedule may vary slightly according to the day.  

Fun activities are available to organize in your free time such as  horse riding, rock climbing, cycling, canoeing, scuba diving or just going to lay and rest at the beach. We are collaborating with a great company that organizes all these fun activities!

What's included in your package:

- Daily Meditation

- Daily yoga practice

- Daily Pilates class

- Daily sound bath and crystal healing Meditation in the evenings

- Acupuncture therapy sessions all week according to your needs

- 1 complementary Massage

- Organic vegetarian/macrobiotic chef to cook meals 3 times per day plus juices, smoothies and snacks.

- Pick up and Drop off at the airport 


wtorek, 1 marca 2016

How Ibiza began its legendary clubbing heritage

Ibiza has been a haven for music lovers, clubbers and partygoers for many years. But with its ability to welcome and cater for pretty much every niche, it’s easy to get caught up in the metamorphism and forget about the rich history that engulf the walls and beaches of the island. How is it that this small Balearic Island has managed to become such a music Mecca?

  Most people associate Ibiza’s popularity with 70’s ‘hippies’. However, the island was already bustling in the 1930s, 1940s 1950s and early sixties – when Ibiza life was quite a bohemian affair. Pioneers, writers, painters and other artists were working and enjoying life from the magic white island, way before the hippies came. Ibiza’s genuine isolation since the Spanish Civil War also meant that pioneer travellers were more than tolerated – they were positively welcomed. The 1960s saw Ibiza start to boom with the ‘flower power’ revolution which saw stacks of forward thinking hippies from across Europe to descend on the Balearic island, attracted by its laid back attitude, unspoilt natural beauty and probably its great weather. The 70s saw the real arrival of the tourist boom that has essentially continued ever since. It also saw the opening of the discos, which would define its history up to the present day. Rave made it big in the 80s, Balearic house really emerged in the 90s, and today an eclectic mix of musical styles and people make it a massive tourist industry and one of the most fascinating and mind-blowing places to visit. The main pioneers of clubland in Ibiza were the large clubs of Amnesia and Pacha, which opened in the 1970s. Shortly afterwards the Ku Club joined the scene – now better known as Privilege – and gradually the reputation of the clubs spread as they quickly became fashionable, attracting the rich and famous to experience the island’s lively nightlife. Amnesia was the first club in Ibiza. Somewhere inside the club still lurks the magnificent 18th century country house (finca) that underwent a multi-million transformation back in the seventies to become the legendary super club. In April 1970 the Planells family, who had inhabited the house for five generations, decided to move into town and sell their home to a widow from an aristocratic background. A young man named Antonio Escohotado leased the premises for use as a ‘discoteque’. He wanted somewhere for people to go out at night and to forget their problems, indulging in an unknown world far away from ordinary routine. He called it Amnesia.

The first modern-style club to be opened on Ibiza was Pacha. The first Pacha opened in the mainland Spanish beach town of Sitges in 1967. Six years later, in 1973 during the hippy movement, Pacha arrived in Ibiza. Even then Pacha was already a burgeoning empire, with clubs on the mainland. Pacha was opened by the Urgell brothers, Ricardo and Piti, the latter also being the founding DJ. Traces of Ibiza’s hippie days still remain among the locals. In many ways, however, the island has strayed from its bohemian roots towards an extravagant, techno-fuelled party Mecca. Disco fiends, celebrities and party hungry revellers arrive in droves over the summer to be swept up in the island’s outrageous party culture and to bake on its warm sands. Despite Ibiza’s wild spirit, the island is a safe and accepting place where anyone can come to let their hair down.As the island grows and thrives, and new generations move Ibiza forward, this little gem is not likely to forget its roots and rich heritage. A heritage that truly makes Ibiza the special place it continues to be.

Words: Jo-Anne Waddington

Active Tourism in Ibiza

Active Tourism 
Active Tourism is a new travelling philosophy that combines adventure, ecotourism and cultural aspects of a discovery tour. Active Tourism is low-impact, ecological, socially compatible and high quality. Active Tourism aims to combine recreation, education and bring benefits to both the tourist as well to the visited land. Active Tourism has many aspects in common with ecotourism and nature tourism and it also integrates some activities of action and adventure tourism. Additionally it also includes some aspects of cultural tours and academic and scientific expeditions. 
There are many aspects in common between all this forms of travelling, but there are also important differences which need detailed explanation (see below). 

Official Definition 
Active Tourism is responsible travel to foreign areas requiring physical and mental participation from the tourist and following the maximes of sustainability, protection of Biodiversity and conservation of culture. Important elements are recreation and education, respect and contemplation, action, exercise and active involvement in company of an expert local friend, an academically competent tour guide.


sobota, 13 lutego 2016


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Promotional Vido Ibiza-Feel 2016


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