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Ibiza in 3 minutes

Ibiza-Feel - SERVICES

​Reservations & bookings
We are here to help you be as time-efficient as possible by managing your tasks for you along the way. Give us a timeframe, an end objective and we will pave the path for you with the best recommendations acquired through our own approved associates. 

• Restaurants
• Clubs
• Hotels
• Taxi or limousine service
• Airport transfers
• Vehicle hire
• Air tickets

Whatever tickles your fancy, we can make arrangements for you and your guests that maximise your enjoyment of the destination and give you an insight into the local DJs scene, the Island history and culture.

• VIP and tailor-made entertainment
• Weddings
• Corporate Events
• Sports activities
• Exploration trips
• Excursions
• Yacht charter

Experience Wellbeing under the guidance of a professional team of consultants - best in the fields of spa, fitness and nutrition. Open your heart and mind and find inner peace.

• Lifestyle Retreats
• Yoga
• Weight loss
• Detox
Life coaching
• Spa treatments

Apartment and Villa rental
Our trained and knowledgeable team of property professionals is here to deal with all requests whether you are looking for a short or long term stay in the Magic Island or to purchase a real estate. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

​Personal services
Your personal time is valuable – if we can help make your stay here easier for you in any way, assistance is always available.
We have the connections and networks to set you up in any area of your life, personal or professional. There is no limit to what can be achieved, all you have to do is ask.

• Personal guide
• Personal shopper
• Translation services

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